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08 May 2006 @ 01:02 am
First Post, First Jaustin fic  
Howdy folks. Might know some a you from Wranglers, and if ya do, then you probly read this already. But for those who haven't, this is for you. My name is Ehren, and I have recently started writing FPS and RPS in the Brokeback/Jake arena. Been writing my whole life, but never in a fandom, so i'm fairly new at this. Hope you enjoy. Comments/Crit welcome, as this is unbeta-ed.

Title: Stache
Rating: Hard R
Disclaimer: Don't know 'em, don't sue me.
Notes: What can I say, all the talk of the porn-stache finally got the gears in my head turning.

Heath cursed delayed layovers for the umpteenth time as he staggered out of the cab and fought with his luggage all the way up to Jake’s apartment. It was only about midnight here in Los Angeles, but the hours he’d lost in flight were taking their toll on him and he wanted nothing more than to see his friends, have a beer, and then go to sleep.
        He got to Jake’s door and fished his keys out of his pocket – he liked that Jake was comfortable enough with him to let him have a key to his apartment, made their friendship feel like something more important than what was between most buddies.
The apartment was dark when he entered save for the little lamp on the table in the front hall. Heath called out but got no answer. His keys got dropped in the little bowl on the table, and he noticed the scrap of paper laying in the circle of soft light cast by the lamp:

Heath – hope you made it ok. Had to run to see Maggie; Peter is out of town and she’s doing the emotional expectant-mother thing. I’ll call if we won’t be back tonight. Make yourself at home; you know where everything is – Jake

        “Shit…” Heath muttered without conviction, shoved his bags into the spare bedroom and headed to the kitchen. There was a beer waiting for him in the fridge, as well as a plate wrapped in foil that had “Heath” written on it in black marker with a happy face. He pulled off the wrapper and groaned in delight to find the pecan-crusted salmon and baked vegetables inside. Even cold it smelled delicious; he knew that Jake hadn’t made this. The man could mess up boiling water so Heath knew that the guy’s better half had been the force behind the cuisine.
        He took the plate and a few drinks into the living room to relax. Heath had always held Jake’s entertainment set-up in almost childlike awe. No expense had been spared in the home theatre set up, for which Heath was very grateful as his weary frame folded into one of the leather theatre chairs. The remote was in the cupholder at his left, and he turned on the stereo to whatever Jake had been playing last as he inhaled the fish like it was going to be his last meal.
        “God, Gyllenhaal, you have got to make him teach Michelle how to cook like this. If I knew blokes could cook this well I might have shacked up with one as well.” He whispered groggily into the quiet apartment, silent but for the light music that Heath was almost too tired to hear.
        By the time the beer was gone Heath was feeling the effects of the jet lag. He was exhausted but jittery, and knew that if he got into bed he’d likely just lay there and toss for hours. He looked at the clock – it was only 12:40, and there had been no word from Jake. He figured they’d be back from Maggie’s soon enough.
        “Guess I’ll stay up and wait for them. Watch a movie to keep myself company.” He muttered, heaving himself from the chair with a grunt and wandering over the wall of DVDs that Jake had amassed. Heath glanced right over most of them, knowing that Jake bought them on impulse to feed an obsession with building the biggest library of movies in the world. There was a smaller selection of films in the bottom corner that Jake had allowed his boyfriend to pick out, and these were generally the ones that had been selected on merit. These were the ones that Heath liked and teased Jake about for not being cool enough to appreciate.
        “What’s this now?” He found an unmarked DVD case tucked on top of the neatly stacked row of cases. The silver disk that he found inside was marked with only one word printed neatly in writing that wasn’t Jake’s: ‘Stache’.
        “Wanker doesn’t know how to spell Stash? Jake must be rubbing of on him, and not in the good way.” Heath had never heard of the movie, figured it must’ve been some independent thing that never got outside of the States, and popped it into the DVD player with a ‘what the hell?’. He sat back in his seat, turned off the surround sound and dimmed the lights so he could relax and maybe even fall asleep while he watched the movie.
        The movie started, out of focus and shaking jarringly from side to side. Heath couldn’t see much at first, frowned at the muffled audio that came on of giddy, drunken laughter. It went on for too long, so long he almost got fed up and turned the thing off, before the camera was steadied and the giggling was stifled.
         “Oh… Jesus!” Heath hissed as the camera swung around and the image of Jake came into view.
        ‘Fuck you look so hot…’ a voice said off camera, and Jake’s whole, bare body blushed prettily on screen as Heath gaped. It was clear from the sheen on his body, the unnatural rise and fall of his chest that Jake had probably gotten laid just moments before this video was made. Jake’s glassy eyes focused on the person operating the camera, as if they were staring just over Heath’s head, and he smiled that bright, innocent smile that got him everything he wanted.
        ‘Jesus, you need to get rid of that thing. You look like a porn star.’ The cameraman complained with a chuckle, and Jake rolled onto his back. Heath grimaced but looked on in horror as Jake reached down and played with himself, absently curling his fist around the tumescent length of himself and putting it on display for the cameraman with a leer. His other hand reached up and stroked the growth of his mustache in a crude parody of foreplay.
         ‘You know you love it. C’mon, admit it; the idea of me as a porn star gets you so hot.’ Jake slurred, squeezing his package and making the voice behind the camera groan, half in exasperation and half in desire.
        ‘Please, Gyllenhaal. There’s nothing that could turn me off more than seeing you fuck some guy on camera.’
        ‘What if I fuck you on camera?’
Jake smirked and tilted his head just so, casting his blue eyes in shadow and instantly shifting from silly to sexy. Heath wasn’t sure whether to be revolted or aroused by the breathy gasp of the cameraman.
        ‘You really want to? Seriously?’ The voice asked with obvious amazement.
        ‘Sure. I know you’ve wanted to for so long. And besides-’ Jake arched his hips and pouted his mustached lip. ‘- I’m dying to give you a ride on the porn-stache.’
        ‘Fuck yea.’ The camera was jarred again slightly, turned up towards the ceiling as the cameraman hurried to put it down somewhere. Then it was still, refocused on Jake, and the bare legs and buttocks of another man came into view, hurrying to join Jake on the bed as he smacked his lips.
        “Oh God, Oh Jake…” Heath muttered, disgusted but laughing and unable to look away. It was like a car wreck unfolding as Heath watched his best friend take the camerman-turned-co-pornstar’s hips as the man straddled his face. The camera cut off his top half, but Heath could hardly be thinking of what that looked like as he watched the guy sink his hard and hungry length into Jake’s waiting mouth. Heath shuddered just as the cameraman whimpered ‘Oooh yea, baby. That stache feels so good…’
        “Oh my God, Jake!” Heath was outright laughing now, doubled over and leaking tears.
        “Oh my GOD, Heath!”
        The lights came on, spilling Heath out of his chair as he spun to see a very humiliated looking Jake Gyllenhaal standing in the doorway of the theatre. Heath stopped laughing, could only stare in bewilderment as Jake’s wide eyes flashed between him and the movie that was still playing on the wall-sized screen behind him, replete with audio that at that moment chose to feature the line: ‘Yea, you like that? You like when the Stache teases you’re balls?’
        “Oh God… Oh dear God please turn that off…” Jake blanched, sending Heath scrambling for the remote. The screen went black and plunged both men into silence that hurt to listen to. Jake was white, staring at the floor in utter mortification.
        “… I’m going to go to bed now. I’ll uh… see you in the morning, mate.” Heath murmured and rushed out the door, not even looking up as he went. In the hall he hit hard into another body, earning a grunt and a questioning glance from the person he’d assaulted. He offered another weak apology and fled to the guestroom, locking himself in and hiding under the covers.
        “The hell is the matter with him? Looked like he just walked in on his parents doing it or something.” Jake just held up the hand-labeled disk that he’d hastily retrieved from the player as soon as Heath had left. “Oh, shit. He found that?”
        “Yea, Austin, he fucking found your little homemade porn.” Jake collapsed into one of the theatre seats, the leather groaning in sympathy. Austin had the good graces to almost look ashamed of himself as Jake rubbed his eyes, wishing he could blot out the look on Heath’s face as he watched him and Austin go at it. A warm hand settled on his shoulder, and Jake looked up into Austin’s smiling, impish eyes.
        “The fuck is so funny, Nichols? What could possibly be funny about this?”
        “Relax baby. It could be a lot worse.”
        “And how is that, exactly?”
        “Well… He could have found ‘Stache 2: Cowboy Austin Rides Again’.”
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baby, i'm a dreamer: Jake Sexkeeplistening on May 8th, 2006 05:46 am (UTC)
Haha! That was adorable!! Love it!
clairey: Jaustin sitting in a tree by mediocregirclaireyfairy1 on May 8th, 2006 06:48 pm (UTC)
LOL. Very nice. I enjoyed that. :D
grysuforyou on May 14th, 2006 12:47 pm (UTC)
It appeals to to me above all I love your style ^_______^
kitty_balloukitty_ballou on June 6th, 2006 07:38 pm (UTC)
OMG!!! *ggggg*

Erm... is it possible to get a copy of that movie??? *puppy eyes*

Taritariana on July 17th, 2006 04:30 pm (UTC)
Holy God! That was HOT!
blackbird_y: pic#117818320blackbird_y on August 22nd, 2012 12:21 pm (UTC)
I just found this yesterday and omg... I dunno if I should blush about Heath finding this and then being found out or faint... probably both. ;)